How to upgrade Galaxy W (GT-I8150) to IceCreamSandwich Firmware

Well, after flashing my Galaxy Tab P1010 with the v2.3.6 Gingerbread which have a Jellybean lookalike interface, now its the time to focus on my next project ” upgrading the Galaxy W (GT-I1850)”

As all the Galaxy W users know, Samsung already stopped providing software updates for this device and latest updates that i received was the v2.3.6 DXLM2 official updates to improve its stability.

Galaxy W-Gingerbread-DXLM3

 Latest OTA updates from Samsung DXLM3 version

In this tutorial, i will guide you how to upgrade your Galaxy W to v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware using Cyanogenmod 9 rom.

Before we start, i will make some introduction how are we going to do this. I have spent hours doing a lot of research here and there before upgrading my Galaxy W, therefore most probably you can get what you wanted here.

How to upgrade to IceCreamSandwich

In summary, to install ICS into your Galaxy W (GT-I1850), we will be using this custom ROM developed by Cyanogen Mod Team. This custom ROM has already gone through so many updates since its alpha and beta releases therefore i think this ROM is quite stable after so many bug fixes.

In order to install the ROM, we need to do it in the Recovery Mode, therefore we also need to have the ClockWorkMod version 6 install in your SGW. In the tutorial below, i will be installing the CWM version 6.0.3 with Odin multi downloader version 4.43. Note that, before the CWM can be installed, your device need to be rooted first and CyanogenMod only works with CWM. Do not attempt to flash with other type of recovery mode.

Before we start flashing anything, we shall make a backup of the phone data. I refer to another posting how to perform the full backup.


How to install ClockWorkMod 6 with Odin 4.43

There are 2 ways of installing the ClockWorkMod 6 which is via adb shell or Odin. I preferred Odin because i am more familiar dealing with it. If you were to choose Odin, then you will need to download these 3 files to proceed.

a) Odin v 4.4.3

b) Ancora.ops

c) recovery-clockwork-

1) Open the Odin v4.4.3 and make sure the setup of Odin look alike the photo below.Odin-CWM6-Ancora

Select OPS and find the Ancora.ops file location. Then left column, check mark the One Package and remember to uncheck the Reset Time. Go to One Package then locate the recovery-clockwork-

2) Turn off your phone and Boot it up into Download Mode.

3) Connect the usb cable to your phone and hit Start.

4) Wait for the flashing to complete. Phone will auto reboot.

5) To double check whether you have the CWM 6 installed, you can try boot to recovery mode again and check whether if the CWM 6.0.3 appeared instead of the stock recovery.

6) At the same, we also can perform a Nandroid backup now and transfer it to PC. In case anything went wrong next, we can always restore to this latest backup using CWM restore function.

How to install Cyanogen Mod 9

1. When you already have CWM 6 installed in your Galaxy W. You need to transfer these 2 zip files to the sdcard, anywhere as long as you can locate them later. Leave it at the original zipped format.

a) Cyanogen Mod 9 (last updated on 11/5/2013)

b) Google Apps (GAPPS) – to re install the stock Google apps back to the Galaxy W

2. Turn off your SGW. Boot the SGW to recovery mode.

3. Perform the wipe data/factory reset .Then follow by Wipe Cache Partition.

4. Then select install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard. Now you have to find the CM9 file location where you save the file earlier. Confirm by pressing home button and wait few minutes for the installation to complete

5. Continue step 4 again to install the GAPPS zip.

6. Choose to Reboot Your Phone.

7. Now you will have the version 4.0.4 ICS running on your Galaxy W.

Galaxy W-ICS-Version


What is the difference/ Advantages

- can do grouping of apps shortcut at the main menu

Galaxy W-ICS-Apps Grouping

- more elegant interface

Galaxy W-ICS- Elegant interface

- faster and smoother transition time when pressing HOME button when you are in any apps or menu.

-better performance (can be proved by benchmark apps like Quadrant & Antutu, both apps’ results reflected a significant increase of scores)

QUadrant-Benchmark-Samsung-Galaxy W
Still in GingerBread Firmware. Result is 1404

Antutu-Benchmarking-result-Samsung-GalaxyStill in GingerBread Firmware. Result is 5042

Galaxy W-Quadrant-benchmarkIceCreamSandwich Firmware. Result is 2501

Galaxy W-AnTuTu BenchmarkIceCreamSandwich Firmware Result is 5699

- able to select usage of 2G data only whereas in stock ROM it is automatic. Help to save battery and give more standby time.

Galaxy W-ICS-2G

- can enable bluetooth tethering.

- A lot of customization can be done to your SGW including overclocking and underclocking your device.Choosing the Governor you need.

Galaxy W-ICS-Clocking Governer

- There is a function for setting mobile data limit. We can set the total bandwidth allowable to use and device will trigger warning message if bandwidth reached. Still a useful setting for Pay As You Use (payu) data users.

Galaxy W-ICS- Data Packet Management



- To capture screen, HOME+ POWER button not working anymore. You get to choose the function when you press the HOME button. Not so much convenient, and certain thing you cannot capture screen because it will be gone once you press the POWER button

- The shortcut to call/ message is missing where you slide left/ right at the contact list.

- The keyboard language support such as Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesia is missing. Once in a while, i need to type some chinese characters, therefore need to install language app for keyboard input.

My 2 cents is the Galaxy W upgrade is definitely worth trying, very impressive, a lot of pros over the cons and feel like everything is under my control.

Other ROM available to try out.

So far there are still some other ROMs available to upgrade your Galaxy W such as SlimBean and AOKP.

I am not sure how they perform because personally have not tried them yet. Maybe somebody can give me some feedback which is the best ROM out there.